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Whatever sport you play..

Whether you are a League, Sports Team, or just one player Fusion Edge Photography wants to be your sports photographer!

The sports photos we take today become part of a permanent record of your athlete's growth.

We offer game day banners, posters, sportswear, sports chairs, custom designed pop up tents, buttons, water bottles and much more.

Your athlete's will look back at the hard work they put in and the fun they had doing it. As parents, sponsors, and coaches, you want to share quality photographs and products, with family and friends. Let Fusion Edge Photography become 'The Photographer of Choice' for your team or sports organization.

If you would like more information on our Sports photography please call 319-294-1144 or email

socker collage picture
Center Point Urbana high school football team poster
Linn-Mar high school baseball team poster
baseball league team poster
CR Kennedy high school track and field team poster pictures
CR Flash softball team banner league picture
CR Cougar baseball team banner league picture
Cedar Rapids Reds baseball team 10U individual league pictures
CR Flash softball individual league picture
high school wrestling team individual pictures
LinnMar womens high school volleyball team pictures
CR Cougar baseball team and league pictures
CR Kennedy high school track and field team individual pictures
CPU high school show choir group and individual pictures
CR Cougar 9U baseball team banner poster league picture
Hocky team or league group pictures and individual
Gymnastics individual collage competititve
West Liberty Comet High School volleyball team poster
10U boys baseball team banner
12U girls softball team banner
youth hockey league individual picture
high school football team poster
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high school socker sports banner
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high school football sports banner
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