Baby Portraits

There is NOTHING like a new baby in the house. New life, a whole new world of possibilities. These moments mark the beginning of your lives together, and they are moments that go by too quickly if we don't find a way to hold onto them. You already know how very special your new baby is. And -- if you're like me when my daughter's were born -- you're probably amazed at EVERYTHING. The smallness, the perfection, the overwhelming emotion that being a new parent brings. Every day there are new 'firsts', magic moments and little discoveries. Imagine it's 1 month, 6 months, even a year from now. How much more will your child change?

You'll see your baby grow from the precious innocence of a newborn to the charming, active 12 month old (and everything in between). So, let me ask you a question -- would you love portraits of your child that are so real and so perfect that you'll forever remember that new baby perfection every time you see them? Portraits that you will be so proud to show everyone because you know they will be amazed by them?

In the Fusion Edge Baby Plan, we photograph your baby at the ages of 3, 6, 9, and 12 months. If you are fortunate enough to call us early we include, FREE of charge, an additional newborn session (available as our schedule permits for babies 6 weeks or younger).

Fusion Edge Baby Plan includes:

  • Your own private session- we are an appointment only studio. You never have to wait in line. We're ready when your baby is ready.
  • Personalized portrait sessions to create images that are uniquely yours. We never rush you in and out.
  • Your own appointment time for private viewings to review images from your session and help you select your favorites.
  • Expert retouching FREE of charge. No need to worry about the scratches on the nose, baby acne or cradle cap. We can make you and your baby look their absolute best.
  • An experienced photograper who is a mother herself, who understands babies and loves working with them and you!
  • There are no minimums or packages. Buy what you like. We offer beautiful wall portraits, collages, keepsake art books and more.

Right now our Fusion Edge Baby Plan is available to you for a Limited Time for the Promotional Price of only $195. You save up to 33%. This includes all portrait sessions (4 or 5), all viewing sessions (4 or 5), award winning photography, in addition to service that will amaze you and a year of baby photography that you will never forget! The baby plan covers 3 months through 12 months but if you call today before your baby is 6 weeks old we'll include a newborn session absolutely FREE! This is an amazng session and you DO NOT want to miss it!

Act fast as we only accept 10 new Fusion Edge Baby Plan clients each month. All of our moms think it's the best investment they've ever made in the life of their babies. So sign up today at 319-294-1144.